The temperature of rotary kiln is high

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In some high temperature in the rotary kiln, due to resist high temperature material corrosion, erosion, wear, use of magnesite chrome bricks, magnesium aluminum brick, high alumina brick, etc., these brick of the thermal conductivity, kiln body heat loss, in order to save energy and prolong furnace lining life, in the work outside layer to build by laying bricks or stones insulating brick. These two kinds of brick can only build by laying bricks or stones respectively into two mutual coupling rings, we can't make the kiln masonry form a whole. Inner bricky system often is not due to wear and corrosion damage, but because of temperature fluctuation change, the collapsible inequality, especially with the heat insulating layer of bricky system separation, it is easy to single piece of drop, serious when can cause the whole ring off, the kiln lining body life influence.

the decomposition of materials collected by the five cyclones into the rotary kiln; rotary kiln grate cooler using three sections of the grate cooler (NC39325), using the stroke hydraulic methods; grate area of 121.2m2. Dust with a grate cooler clinker in the rotary kiln head collecting the convergence of the three clinker by apron conveyor into the library. High-temperature segment of the cooler part of the hot air through the kiln hood into a rotary kiln as the kiln secondary air into the calciner as tertiary air, the cooler the temperature segment of hot air into the coal mill drying of raw coal; the rear of the residual gas by the electric dust collecting dust high-temperature gases at high temperatures into the atmosphere; gas processing, preheater fan suction, then the conditioning tower after cooling as the heat source of raw material drying or rotary kiln tail ESP dust into the atmosphere.

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