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I have my question based on two parts. Firstly, I want to know if the group Westlife needed to take permission from Barry Manilow, Scott English or Richard Kerr for redoing one of their old hits named Mandy instead of Brandy. Secondly, did Barry have a face lift quite recently as there seems to be some changed look in his face?

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  1. Harry

    The first part of your question is that the whether or not the group called Westlife would have asked for the permission of the first writers of the song incase if they will be allowed by Barry because they were redoing one of old hits by Barry now. This is for sure that one needs to have permission from the other to do such an act. There is a very little possibility that Westlife would not have taken permission or Barry and the other co-writers have no idea about it. In this case the Westlife group can be penalized or even banned by the state. Talking about the second part of your question is this yes Barry did have a small facelift last year. That is one big reason for a changed look within him. At the age of 67 now Barry started to look very old and needed something to add up into his look. As far as the news that Barry has lost his nose, does not seem to have any reality involved in it. There is a possibility that he might have had a minor scratch on his nose but he is living without a nose does not make sense.

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