The genius brothers behind Google Wave

by Muhammad Farhan Khan  |  10 years, 8 month(s) ago

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    The genius brothers behind Google Wave (CNN) -- Lars and Jens Rasmussen were broke and jobless -- with only $16 between them -- when they made it big in the Web world by selling their idea for Google Maps. Years later, after finding cushy employment at Google Inc., the Rasmussen brothers flew in May from Sydney, Australia, to California where they would debut their sophomore product, a Web application called Google Wave, which they say, quite audaciously, will kill e-mail and forever change online communication. But their lives didn't depend on its success -- not like before. Strange as it may seem, that worried them. With Google Wave, the Danish brothers are trying to recreate the kind of near-ruin stress they experienced when they came up with the product that made them wildly successful. In doing so, they're trying to prove that innovation, a somewhat magical and ethereal happening, can be engineered just like software. But, as they prepared to take the stage to unveil Google Wave at a Web developers' conference in San Francisco, their faith in that hypothesis started to slip. Was Wave too ambitious? Would the glitches come back? Was it too soon? Were they under enough pressure? And, worst of all: Would they become one-hit wonders?

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