The first Monkees album

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I have heard somewhere that at the time the first album cover was being shot, Michael Nesmith hated his picture taken so much that he told the photographer something to the effect of like You have 10 seconds to take my picture and if you do not get it, I am walking and started to count off the seconds out loud and if you see the album cover, it does look like he is in the midst of saying something. I am a Nez fan and that sounds like something he may have done. Any truth to what I heard?

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  1. Harry

     If we talk about such incidents, we will probably come to know that the lives of stars and celebrities are quite full of such incidents. These incidents can be somehow called rather funny incidents. The reason why some celebrities do this is because they get sick and tired of the photo sessions and they always like to be through with it as quickly as possible. There is no doubt there were many confrontations between Mike Nesmith and the powers that be but most were pretty well known and that is a story perhaps never heard before. There is some doubt as this particular incident really happened because they did use the photo and Mike did not walk. Of course in the most famous confrontation Mike put his fist through a hotel wall but that was not for this album. However, If this was true it would be a well known story.

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