The father,mother,son,daughter & together bathing nude beach its any wrong?

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The father,mother,son,daughter & together bathing nude beach its any wrong?

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    My mom and dad have taken my brothers  age 6, 9, 14 and me age 16 to nude beaches for as long as I can remember. Mom makes sure to have enough sun tan lotion along with us, to make sure that we don't burn our butts or our peters.

    None of us has any problem with nudity. You would be surprised who you meet at a nude beach. A few weeks ago we met our church's youth minister and his wife, we also met my college algebra teacher and her boyfriend, all nude. One does not go around and tell friends to guess who I just saw naked..

    My 14 year old brother were able to see mom pregnant in the nude with our 2 younger brothers. We were even allowed to see her nursing our younger brothers. Once again we had no problem with it. We have friends who spy on the their moms nursing a baby brother or sister. Maybe there is some thing wrong with us, but my brother and I have been taught to accept this as a part of life. Could it be, that other people would not have a problem with life if they were raised in nudity?


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