The development of Hongxing sand making machine

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Stone sand making machine plays very important role in sand production line, and it is well-aligned with other equipments, which can realize the ideal and the best operation effect. Stone sand making machine operates automatically, turns tertiary crushing into secondary crushing, the process is very simple, and operation is very stable, which is the ideal equipment to produce excellent sand and gravel aggregate. Large-scale jaw crusher is the most widely used crushing equipment at present. It is mainly used for crushing limestone, pebble, basalt, granite, coal gangue, construction waste, dolomit and other materials.

In terms of limestone crushing, the equipment investment is low, long-term operation and management cost is lower 30% of the traditional equipments, and it is an effective equipment to improve grinding efficiency and reduce power consumption. With the decrease of temperature, hazy weather becomes mroe and more serious in various of cities. The drops of air quiality affects people's travel, and also causes some damages to people's health. The increasing dust is not only caused by car tail gas, factory waste gas and other reasons, and on the other hand, it has certain relationship with mining machinery equipment, so choosing the environmental protection and energy saving mining equipment is very important. And impact sand making machine plays very important role in mining machinery industry, thus making the efficient and environmental protection impact sand making machine get more and more attention.

On crushing coal gangue, the technological process is simple, with large capacity of material processing, low power consumption, which greatly reduces the operation cost of coal gangue crushing, so the cost of coal gangue recycling is very low. Meanwhile, it sloves the problem of coal gangue stacking, and really achieves environmental protection and energy saving. It is well known that the demand of sand and gravel aggregate is very thriving in domestic engineering projects. Therefore, stone sand making machine and sand making industry also get rapid development, and produces a large amount of excellent sand and gravel aggregate for engineering projects.

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