The design model of engine standard control panel

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The design model of engine standard control panel

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     Henan Fuguang is a professional manufacture of 135 series diesel generating set, Development of deformation of the 135 series products production of diesel generator set diesel back-end accessory products enterprises, research institutes insist on people-centered business philosophy: hired a variety of technical backbone, has trained number of strong technical force, professional and technical team. treat each employee to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff based on user requirements.

    In accordance with international standards, design specifications for land use marine, Power plant series Diesel engines. diesel generator sets are powered by the world famous Cummins diesel engine. It can configure the control procedure and protection parameter of the generator set, and completely satisfied the automatic controlling requirement of the generator sets for the user or factory. The GDC series have high performance with low running and maintenance cost and win the loyalty of many customers in all kind of fields such as construction, transportation, commercial and industries. Standard control panel is the basic configure for normally operation and usage. The advantages of this panel are easy operation, aomprehensive function and reliable protection and so on. This kind of panel adopts module control system, with large LCD screen to show the menu. The module can receive output signal from ATS and realize automatic start and stop the generator set.

    There are indicating gauges, lamps, transfer switches and emergency stop button, etc. The control panel wil stop the whole generator set and alarm as well when malfunction appears.While there is something wrong, such as high voltage, low voltage, phase missing, electricity cutting off, etc., it will signal to start the generator set automatically; While main power resumes balanced, it controls the generator set to shut down after cooled.

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