What is the movie Shuttered Room about?

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There was a question from Malcom S regarding the woman who was locked in an attic. I remember this movie from when I was a kid. It was called the Shattered Room. Do you have any idea where I can purchase this movie?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The movie Shuttered Room was released in the year 1967. It is a British Horror film which casted actors Gig Young, Carol Lynley as a couple and they both went into house with dark secrets. It is based on short story which was written by the same name August Derleth and H.P Lovecraft. It was directed by David Greene, the producer of the movie included Philip Hazelton, August Derleth, H.P Lovecraft. It was written by D.B Ledrov, Nat Tanchuck. The cast of the movie included Gig Young and Carol Lynley. The cast of this movie include Gig Young who was casted as Mike Kelton, Carol Lynley played the role of Susannah Kelton, Oliver Reed as Ethan, Flora Robson as Aunt Agatha, Judith Arhty as Emma, William Devlin as Zebulon, Charles Lloyd as Barge Master, Bernard Kay as Tait, Celica Hewitt as Aunt Sarah, Robert Cawdron as Luther Whately.
    Shuttered room consists of fantasy, horror short stories, essays and memoirs which were written by American author H.P Lovecraft and some other authors. After searching I found some links where you can check about the movie and purchase it. It can be purchased from the site at a price of $150.00. You can also check it from the following links:

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