The Pomegranate Phone?!

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The Pomegranate Phone?! - The Pomegranate is a real mobile phone, from Nova Scotia releasing in late September 2009. The website shows how the phone is a coffee brewer, video projector, live voice translator, shaver, harmonica, among many other standard features that current leading mobile phones have.

The Pomegranate phone is the latest campaign from Communications Nova Scotia's Come to Life initiative, the place-branding program of the Government of Nova Scotia. Communications Nova Scotia has been criticized by some for spending $300,000 on the ad campaign, though the website received more than 300,000 visits from 181 countries since its launch on September 30, 2008, and they are considering it to be very successful.[1] It states that it will go to places where no phone has gone before. Nova Scotia by itself is a big part of the Pomegranate Phone and plays an integral part of the marketing campaign.

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  1. Numair
    The site of the Pomegranate Phone looks official but the features of the phone seem bizarre. Many people question if the Pomegranate is an actual phone, taking in a ridiculous amount of water that doesn't seem physically possible or plausible for the public since its battery life would be very short with its shaving, video projector and coffee brewing features.


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