The Monkees Memorbilia

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I recently found a trinket box, white in color and made of perhaps bisque, in a heart shape, with all the Monkees on the cover, lift off lid and the Monkees guitar emblem is inside on the bottom and when you turn over the whole thing the same Monkees emblem is also on the bottom. Nice little box. But never seen one before and cannot seem to find anyone on line with one. If anyone could help that would be great.

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  1. Harry

     In 1966, the Monkees appeared on NBC television giving way to two years of Monkeemania. But as we all know now there was no huge embrace of the Monkees in 1996 and the pieces that were made seemed to be overproduced as compared to the markets desire. Nothing could be said about the maker of the heart box, but somehow they also made a tin box similar to a small tin of bandages, with the Monkees’ pictures printed on the tin. The tin contained a small note pad and pencil inside. For many years the overstock of these two items was common fodder for eBay and Yahoo auctions. The fact that the heart box is not listed anymore on either of the major auction sites may mean that the second market price of the item may be going up. Several years ago it was not uncommon to see the heart box listed and sold for $3 to $10 on the auction sites. It might do better now that it is not listed every week by surplus dealers.

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