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I have my question about what seems to be a song by Barry Manilow. I do not know if I will be able to get the answer of my question, but I would want to know the true meaning behind the lyrics to the song which says I Write the Songs by Barry. It is just I heard that there is one but I just have no idea that what this really mean.

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  1. Harry

    Different song writers or poets have different messages behind the songs they have written. Bruce Johnston, of the Beach Boys, says he wrote the song Spirit of Music to try to explain where music comes from. His actual motive behind writing this song was to make the people or music listeners aware of the logic behind music. Songs about music itself is a very popular topic, especially for the Beach Boys, who have also done Add Some Music to Your Day and I Can Hear Music. Barry does quite a few things as well. In the album Trying to Get the Feeling and the album that I Write the Songs was originally recorded for, which can always be found in New York City Rhythm and Beautiful Music. As for any alternate or hidden meaning there have not been any such heard by anyone. The song is relatively straightforward with nothing there which probably seems to be complicated. It is pretty much summed up in the last line which says I am Music, and I Write the Songs.

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