The Important Application of Rotary Drum Cooler

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The Important Application of Rotary Drum Cooler

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     Cooling machine is one of important equipment in dolomite calcining equipment system, the device has the function of the activity of the calcined white (1000 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃) out of the rotary kiln through the cylinder rotary drive sufficient heat exchange with the air, making calcined white cooled to below 200 ℃. The equipment adopts the countercurrent cooling way, with high thermal efficiency, and it reduces pollution, and improves working environment. Also it has a reasonable structure, smooth operation, strong adaptability, etc. It is widely used in metal magnesium production line, cement production line, the active lime production line, and ceramic sand production line, and other important industrial production.

    Because rotary drum cooler has reliable operation and large operation elasticity and a strong adaptable and big capacity of treatment, rotary cooler is widely used for metallurgy materials, construction, food, light industry, chemical, coal, pharmaceutical mining industry. The rotary cooler is used for granulate materials, and it is also used for the way that partly incorporate material, for cool down the sticky paste materials or the higher temperature materials.


    Rotary drum cooler is suitable for that after drying compound fertilizer, and makes 65-85℃ compound fertilizer form balancing and continuous mill apron to contact with cool air adequately and cool off to approach normal temperature by the well-designed inner structure, which makes products packed timely and prevents caking in storage transportation. The cooling method adopts backwash of cool wind, which utilizes induced -draft fan to take out the cool air from the end of equipment and make it contact with material conversely and cool compulsorily at the feed-in part of the equipment in order to reduce the temperature of the material rapidly. It is the perfect cooling equipment of compound fertilizer production, for the good cooling effect, high-output and convenient operation.

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