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Sir…the use of fifty years in your introductory note on Expertise prompted me to ask my question.

The use of fifty years in your introductory note on Expertise prompted me to ask my question. I do not have any idea whether it fits in your area or otherwise, if not, please discard the request. There was a film namely Grissom Gang (hope I spell perfect) and many regard this as one of the cult movies of the era. Will you please enlighten me on this movie as seniors around always talk when they gather for their weekly meet in library. Of course they never ever allowed us (we still are post-graduation students in English lit.) to participate in their chitchatting on movies.


Raj (India)

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  1. John

    Hello Raj

    \"The Grissom Gang\" (1971) is a remake of the 1949 British melodrama \"No Orchids for Miss Blandish\", both inspired by the bestselling novel by James Hadley Chase. Kim Darby plays a 1920s-era debutante who is kidnapped and held for ransom. Her captors are the Grissoms, a family comprised of sadists and morons, and headed by Ma Barker clone Irene Dailey. One of the Grissoms, played by Scott Wilson, takes a liking to his prisoner, which results in a bloody breakdown of the family unit.

    Why this, or any film, is regarded as a \"cult movie\", I have no idea. I can only assume it is what happens when a well regarded Director makes a less than average film. The intelligentsia cannot bring them to admit that one of their favorites has created anything less than perfect, and so they term it a \"cult movie\". If you study them, you will find that many of the films labeled with the status of \"cult\" are, in fact, not that good. Obviously some are excellent. So, why not just call them good films!

    To my mind, a film can be good, bad or indifferent. This one was an average film of its kind. There were many similar in the late 60s/early 70s that followed the lead of 1967s \"Bonnie & Clyde\" (e.g. \"Bloody Mama\" 1970; \"Big Bad Mama\" 1974).

    Hope that is of some help


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