I want to know more about Great Ziegfeld

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Thanks for your quick response, Yep, this is a difficult one. I have just posted the same question as a commentary to the YouTube video. Maybe someone recognizes the guy. Watching the entire film might be the solution - I was about to order the DVD anyway...

No, I am not writing a book. I am researching the musical aspects - orchestrations, arrangements, etc. The M-G-M musicals were largely responsible for me ending up in the theatre, so this love affair has been going on for quite a while...


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  1. John

    Hi Dirk

    Thanks for your reply, I am pleased to inform you that I, too\"in the theatre\" of sorts. Majored in Theatre in college, acted a bit in L.A. and N.Y. and then returned home to Calif. (San Francisco area), where I taught school for many years, but still perform in many area musicals (my first love.)

    I grew up on the MGMusicals! I loved the lush MGM orchestrations (their use of the dramatic French horn at appropriate moments), and the unique (chic) arrangements of songs by Roger Edens and Kay Thompson. The songs are quite interesting and remarkable.

    If you have the time, would love to know more of your project. Anything \"MGM musical\" fascinates me.

    P.S. Saw a \"concert\" production of Andre Previn's B'way show, \"COCO\" last nite in San Francisco. First time it's been done in 30-odd years. (Alan Jay Lerner wrote the book and lyrics.)

    Best of luck

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