The Fastest Bowler

by Kyle Stone  |  11 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Who is the fastest bowler of the world ever?Although Shoaib Akhter from Pakistan bowled the fastest ball(over 100mph) in World Cup 2003,but is he still the fastest bowler of the world or has his record been broken?

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  1. Master Mind
    The faster bowler is Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan.

  2. Mark Jones
    Rawalpindi Express Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan has bowled the fastest ever ball in the history of international Cricket when he bowled to Nick Knite of England at Johannesburg S.A in a world cup match in 2003 and speed was recorded at161.3 Km/h thats around 100.4 miles an hour and no other bowler has ever bowled at this pace and still shoaib bowls at around 150-155 Km/h. Bret Lee of Australia is next to him with around 145-150 mark
  3. Guest13310
    100.2 mph. the bowler was Shoaib Akhtar
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