The Core Components in the Fefrigeration System

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The Core Components in the Fefrigeration System

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     Cooling machine is the main configuration of rotary kiln production system equipment, its structure is simple, stable performance, reliable to turn.After heat of exhaust gas can be introduced into rotary kiln, thus improve the thermal efficiency of the whole system. The cooling machine is also known as rotary drum cooler: alias used in compound fertilizer production, cooling temperature and particle size of fertilizer, and the drying machine. Rotary drum cooler an greatly improve the cooling speed, reduce labor intensity and increase production. Further removes partial moisture content and reducing fertilizer grain temperature. At the same time to cooling can be used to other powder and granular materials. Cooling machine equipment compact structure, high cooling efficiency, reliable performance, strong adaptability.


    Rotary drum cooler is a class of heat exchange equipment, for the cooling fluid. Usually air or water as the coolant to remove heat. Have a wall between the cooling machine clamp, spray cooler and cooler and snake tube cooler, etc. For high-power silicon rectifier and induction furnace and intermediate frequency furnace large electric equipment form a complete set as the pure water, water, wind cooling protection pay machine, oil/water, oil cooling unit wind, At the same time, the rotary drum cooler can be also used for the cooling of other powdered and granular materials. The cooling machine is the main configuration device of the rotary kiln production system. It has the advantages of simple structure and stable performance. The exhaust gas can be introduced into rotary kiln after the heat exchange, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the entire system.

    Cooling machine operation of the system is through three interrelated systems: refrigerant circulation, water cycle system, electrical control system. The compressor, the compressor is the core of the entire refrigeration system components of rotary drum cooler, is also a refrigerant compression of the source of power. It is the role of the input electrical energy into mechanical energy, the refrigerant compression.

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