The Cause Of Stretch Marks

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The Cause Of Stretch Marks

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    Rather than be worried about a suitable solution for stretch marks try to prevent them in the first place. Pregnancy is a very special, beautiful phase in the life of a woman so pamper yourself and take good care of yourself as much as you can. Give special attention to the food you eat and be careful to eat nutritious food rather than fatty foods. As already mentioned drink lots of liquids, water, fruit juices but avoid caffeinated drinks.

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    Stretch marks basically occur due to sudden stretching of the skin either during pregnancy or puberty or even for persons who exercise too much like athletes. It is a myth that stretch marks occur only for women, men may also get them. You may get pregnancy stretch marks if your mother had them, if you have a fair skin i.e. your ethnicity matters, or if you are gaining too much weight cut on fatty foods. Always remember to keep yourself well hydrated during pregnancy because that helps keep the skin soft.

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