The sexual orientation of Barry Manilow

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I have loved Barry and his music for years, since I was a teenager in the seventies. His music always seemed to speak to me, and not only the lyrics but the music seemed to have a powerful message as well. The question I have may be too personal a question, and please do not feel forced to answer it, but I have always wondered if he is g*y. He has a sensitivity not commonly seen in a man, and it really does not make any difference to me one way or the other, but it is something I have always wondered. I would appreciate your effort adding up in my knowledge.

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  1. Harry

     This is something for sure that there has been a lot of rumor, hearsay, speculation (or whatever you want to call it) about Barry's sexual orientation through the years. Somehow, no one has never found any conclusive evidence or had any reason to believe Barry is anything but a normal, healthy heterosexual male. After all, he was married to his high school sweetheart. So if he is g*y or bisexual and he was married his ex-wife would have had to have married a g*y (or bisexual) man. Therefore, it is very hard to believe that any intelligent woman would have even considered marrying him if she had any doubts about this issue. Also, if you watched Barry's recent A&E Christmas Special (on December 5, 2003) did you notice how comfortable Barry and Debra Byrd were together when they did their duet of \"Baby, It's Cold Outside\"? They were joking around with each other, and were very comfortable with each other. This was however just one example of a situation where it would be impossible for Barry to \"act comfortable with a female.\" What I mean is that Barry would have had to have put on an Academy Award performance to \"pretend\" to be that comfortable in a situation with a woman, especially when there were sexual overtones. Barry was very comfortable being surrounded by women at that particular event.

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