Actors Terry Farrel & Brent Spiner.

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I heard that Brent Spiner once dated Terry Farrell. I was looking for an interview on the web Where Ms. Farrell confirms this, but to no avail. I have tried to click on a link to it but that did not work. I also tried to type in two separate web addresses to find it, but all I get is "this page has expired". Can you tell me about the biographies of both the actors. When they were born? How they started their careers and how they became famous?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Theresa Lee is the real name of the actress Terry Farrel and she was born on November 19, 1963. She is an American actress , she was also a famous model. She is best known for her performances on the television series Star Trek : Deep Space Nine and Becker. Farrell is the daughter of Kay Carol Christine Bendickson and Edwin Frances Farrell. Her mother got married to David W. Grussendorf, who adopted Terry and her sister, Christine. She played a Christmas elf at a mall in Cedar Rapids before becoming a model. He went for vacation in New Mexico in the year 1978. She went there as a foreign exchange student. At the age of 16, she was summoned to New York .
    Brent Jay Spiner is an American actor. He was famous for his role in the TV series, Star Trek and Independence Day. Both of these movies were released in the year 1996 and earned him a Saturn Award and Saturn nomination respectively. He also spend his time in the music field as a he become a great musician and later on also started working in theatres and became very successful.

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