Tequila Sunrise: Dunk Your Bike, Ride This Bicycle

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Tequila Sunrise: Dunk Your Bike, Ride This Bicycle

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  1. Red Brick
    Christened `Tequila Sunrise’ by designer Jason Battersby, the vehicle is a low-rider bicycle that could beat the best designed motorcycles in terms of looks. Of course motorcycles are what they are, with the excessive inner equipment they sport. But this one has been designed with such thought and looks so elegant, that you would want to show it off to neighbours and peers. The hand-built bike has a strong body, has a near-grounded frame to ensure a safe and comfortable ride, and is finished with hand-laid fiberglass over a steel frame.Incidentally, although it looks like designed by an expert, it is the work of Jason Battersby, a student designer, doing his Masters in Transportation Design from Umea Institute of Design in Sweden. A sureshot winner. If made commercial, it could well be the best grab for kids.

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