Tempus Fugit Emperor grandfather clock

by Guest8569642  |  11 years, 7 month(s) ago

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My aunt owns this clock and the weigths stopped going up or down, like they were locked I tried to release them but nothing has worked I now have removed all three weights and chains and tried to replace them back on the clock, I can only get the two end weights on but cannot figure out how to get the middle weight back on. The only way I can see is to take off the face of the clock. Can anyone help me with this

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  1. Guest27955493

    can any one tell me the weight of the weights in a ridgeway fugit tempus clock my fingers are working but no chimes just a click when it moves on to  quarte halfpast quarter two and hour thanks

  2. Guest22018791

    my tempus fugit work one minute.and the next minuit it don't, did i winied it up to much or what if anyone know's please let me know i love my clock . i have a tempus fugit grandfather clock and i can't took the face off to see if it could be fix.

  3. Guest21243706
    how to make clock use to until i moved yhe switch on chime...can i spray WD40 on back machinism (lightly)
  4. Guest20018932
    how do i shut off the hourly bell
  5. David
    I ALSO HAVE THIS PROBLEM! i am 11 yrs old but i got the middle chain enter the clock! put the chain with the hook at the 3rd hole(left-right) and the other one at the 2nd hole( the same left-right) IT WORKED AT MY STYLE! It was running for 39 days already from December 7-January 15 2010. TRY IT! if not just get my attention
  6. Guest10137057
    I am having trouble keeping my grandfather clock going at one time it work for six months but i had it not level and leaning. I had to move it to get something under it now i can not get to work and i made it perfitly level.Please help RICK
  7. Guest9920324
    I was given a Tempus Fugit grandfather clock and do not know how to set up the weights and how to wind it, that is if it's a wind up clock. The gal who gave it to me does not know anything about it either. If anyone knows how to set it up, please let me know. Thank you.

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