Tell me if I am right or not

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My friend and I made a bet, and I just wanted your opinion on it.  If you can give any evidence, that would be okay too.

Keep in mind, this is if he was shirtless.

My friend says that Barry is really skinny, so that you can see his ribs.  

I say that he has a little stomach, maybe not a big potbelly, but just a little fat around the waist line.

Who would you say is right and what is your opinion?

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  1. Guest28417079
    the answer to the question is both are right it is a simple matter of one'sinterpretation.

  2. Mitchel

    Barry Manilow, is six feet tall, but weighs only 45 kg, he has lost his weight dramatically. People are speculating  that Barry manilow is suffering from health issues. However, his spokesperson has rejected this and said that he is immersed in his work and working day and night on his new album.

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