Teeny Tiny flying brown bugs in house. What are these tiny flying insects in my home,I caught one

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What are these tiny flying insects in my home,I caught one and it has a brown body,clear wings and a dark bum
Its hard to get a better look because its always moving fast

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  1. Guest13173994
    there in my bedroom bathroom and kitchen i sprayed with a bug killer and there hard to kill and they like to land on me help!!

  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, The most common indoor flies are "drain flies" (Psychodidae) and fungus gnats (Sciaridae). If they're fungus gnats, and you have house plants, then that's probably where they're coming from, is the potting soil. Other than those two, there are no flies whose presence in a home should be *chronic* unless you have some special and unusual situation - like a compost heap, crawlspace, unfinished cellar, or something else that is atypical for a home. Your description of their flight/crawling behavior suggests that they may be "scuttle flies" (Phoridae) which usually don't appear in homes unless there's a small dead animal in the vicinity, and should therefore only be temporary visitors, until the corpse has finished decomposing (about two weeks). If it's none of these, I don;t know what to suggest, and I can't give a positive ID without a photo or specimen. Hope this helps,

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