what type of questions can be asked for teachers Aide Interview ?

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"Why do you want to work with kids?"

"How would you handle a student picking on another student?"

"What are your strengths/weaknesses?"

"Name three ways that people describe you."

"What ideas do you have to bring to the classroom?"

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  1. Guest666
    1. I want to work with kids because I enjoy the learning process. I find it personally rewarding to play a pivitol role in helping kids get to that next level of understanding. I also enjoy the challenge of meeting the needs of students who have different learning styles.

    2. I would intervene and explain how the behavior is inappropriate or unacceptable and use the classroom rules to reinforce the proper behavior we use in the classroom when dealing with other students. I would model this behavior and ask the students to provide examples of this to further reinforce the appropriate behavior. If it happened again, I would talk to the students privately to probe deeper into the problem and find a solution. If the problem persisted I would follow the teacher/school discipline guidelines. - it could be written warnings, a letter home to parents, a parent conference, etc.

    3. Good strengths to have for people in education: strong interpersonal skills, patience, flexibility, determination, etc.

    Weaknesses: Be honest with two weaknesses. The key is to show how you have improved on these weaknesses with short examples. Turn the weakness into something favorable.

    4. You have to choose qualities which honestly describe you. Pick ones that play up your strengths and are beneficial to a positive learning environment. For example, being outgoing, creative, caring, focused, etc.

    5. Learn to write a lesson plan and bring two grade-specific examples to your interview that you can hand over to them. Even if they don't ask this question. It is also a great thing to show them these examples with they pop questions like "why should we hire you" or "why would you be good for this position" etc. For example, "I'm glad you asked that. I have a passion for learning and would love to teach. I have a couple of lesson plans that I created (hand them over) and hope to share with students at some point. I think these would be great lessons because......"

  2. Guest4010
    An interview question I had once was...

    "What would you do to help a student who was struggling with academics?"

    Then after I answered, the next question was...

    "And if that didn't work?"

    This went on for 4/5 answers
  3. Guest281
    I'm assuming you are looking for more questions...

    "What do you see as your role in the classroom?"

    Present a sample situation he/she may encounter like, "You are in a classroom and there is a student who refuses to engage in the class or complete any assignments. What do you do?"

    "What would you do if you were in a classroom with a teacher whose classroom/behavior management style annoys or angers you?"

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