Talk about the Main Parts of Mineral Impact Crusher

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Talk about the Main Parts of Mineral Impact Crusher

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  1. gada

     Mineral impact crusher, which can also be called impact breaker, counterattack impact crusher, impact pulverizer or impact crusher, is a machine used for crushing medium-hard and crisp materials relying on the impact energy. The main parts of impact crusher are crushing chamber and impact plate and so on. In order to ensure the reliable work of impact crusher, we should have a good design before the manufacturing process of impact crusher according to the actual situation. Then the design process is very important. As the experienced manufacturer of impact crusher, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce the special design of impact crusher main parts.

    The function of impact plate is to bear the impact force that generates by the raw material. The crushed raw material will be spring to the crushing area for the next crushing process. Based on the years of research experience, we can say that the shape and structure of impact plate has big influence on the impact plate. Facing with this situation, we should begin with the crushing effect. According to the mechanical collision principle, vertical collision has the best crushing effect. In order to ensure the vertical collision of raw materials, the shape of impact plate must be one involute.


    The crushing chamber of mineral impact crusher has great effect on the production efficiency, energy consumption, and product particle size and abrasion condition of lining plate. Therefore, the good design of crushing chamber is the key factor to ensure the good performance of impact crusher.

    Hongxing Machinery is one of professional crusher manufacturers, producing the high level crushing machine with high efficiency, energy saving, pollution-free characteristics, excellent technology, and first-class service. If you want to are interested in the quarry crusher, welcome to negotiate and purchase:

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