Taittinger Brut La Francaise 750ml Wine.

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I have my question regarding recently inherited bottle of Taittinger Brut La Fracaise Champagne. Unfortunately, there is no indication of the vintage on the label or bottle. The label appears to be complete. Is there another way to find out the vintage of this bottle?

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  1. Harry

    There is one very big fact about Taittinger Brut la Francaise, that this particular type of Champagne is non-vintage. Besides, it is blended from several years to give a consistent style for the particular house. For this reason, it may be very difficult that in which year this bottle became known to the people. This contains a higher proportion, which is certainly more than usual of Chardonnay proportion and come from a famous procedure. Considering this, it can be hoped that the bottle has not been stored on the sill of the kitchen window. The origin of this house can be traced by going back in 1734, when Jacques Fourneaux established a family business which was, in time, to be Taittinger. This means Taittinger is in fact the third oldest Champagne house ever known. The family business succeeded, and Fourneaux was succeeded by his son, Jerome, who besides looking after the family business was also advisor to the veuve Clicquot. The firm became Ets Taittinger Mailly and Cie when purchased by Pierre Taittinger, in 1932. Taittinger purchased not only this house, but he also collected huge swathes of vineyard. The business kept growing with relocation from Mailly to Reims. The latest Taittingers to take control are Claude, who has headed the firm since 1960 and is assisted by his nephew, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger.

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