TV speakers are switched off. How do i switch then on ?

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TV speakers are switched off. How do i switch then on ?

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  1. James Augustus

    First you should troubleshoot your speakers through your television's audio menu. If this does not help you to fix the speakers on a TV then you need to open up the television and change your television speakers with new speakers. For that you need to follow the steps given below:
    First switch off and unplug your television set and lay down its screen on a bed. Bed mattress or anything with soft surface will provide cushion to your TV screen and safe it from damaging
    Remove the screws from the back of the television cover. Be sure that you have unscrewed all of those screws before opening up the cover of the television.
    Pull the back cover off the television set. You may have left a s***w in place or internal wires may have ripped on the cover if you have difficulty in pulling the cover off. Be Careful to remove them until you can take the cover off.
    Change the old speaker with a new speaker that matches the old speaker in impedance. The speaker you have replaced, should have the same ohms or volts as the old speaker does. You can also get this information on the magnet on the speaker. Keep in mind that the removal of old speaker should not affect the connections of other parts of your television set. You have to install the new speaker the same way the old one attached to your television set without disturbing other connections.
    Replace the television cover and screws you previously removed screws.
    Place your television back up on its base, plug it in, and turn it on to listen to your new speakers. I hope all this will be very helpful for you to fix your problem.

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