Emanation of the sun.

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I like to know about the emanation, how is the sun emanation occurs or how the position of the sun Is determined through this method, can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Emanation is a latin world. Emanation refers to the outflow or movement of objects with respect to a certain pattern and emanation is a process by which this out flowing occurs. It is said that like ocean has its presence and it was formed , similarly there are other objects which emanate and change their direction according to a certain combination by interacting with other forces of the universe.
    There is a movement of the sun related to the magnetically active star. There is a magnetic field of sun which relates to the solar activity occurring in the universe, This also refers to the sunspot theory. There is a effect of solar activity which also results in the movement of sun and change its latitude . This also has an effect in the communications and other structures on earth. The sun is made up of gas and plasma and due to its high temperature, its movements are different and variable from other stars in the planet. The sun rotates around its equator than it moves along higher latitudes. The concept of emanation can be understood by the body, soul, spirit and creature. It is also perceived as a theoretical angle of movement but sin fact it is not just a theoretical phenomena. According to different phenomenon it shows us the vision of reality as well.

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