TIny bugs in Bathroom and Window Sills. Having a problem with these little bugs. They are

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Having a problem with these little bugs. They are grayinsh-white and I have seen them outside on the window sill, in the bathroom shower stall and tubs, as well as around the bathroom and kitchen sink area. They are also on the bathroom heating baseboards (whatever you call it} and have seen a couple on the basement carpet. I once found a package of diaper wipes under the bed in the basement guest room and when I opened it, there were there, on the wipes. ARGH! I usually see them in the summer. They can jump. When I kill them, I get a black dust-like substance on the tissue. I looked on the net and even on this site and you explain it as a springtail. But these bugs don"t have an antenna as long. The pics of springtails just don"t look like these. Their bodies are about 1/8" long and the antenna curves outward and is really tiny. Please help!? What are they and how do I get rid of them!!!!
Janet in Northern NJ

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  1. Guest23637347

     I also have the same problem, living in North Jersey!! any luck?


  2. Guest23531530

    Best way to remember is ...If they jump away from you...they are springtails (adult). If they jump towards you... they are fleas. Booklice are really fast and scurry towards dark hiding spots.

    Either way, with decaying organic matter, you will get springtails or booklice or both. Its harder to get rid of booklice becuase they have endless hiding spots. Check your book binds to make sure they are in tact. They like to hang on edges of books and inside. Booklice love paper and cardboard. Springtails indicate rotting wood, floors, walls. they are probably on outside of house and you didnt notice. Both squish easily. Springtails definitely dissolve into grayish powder when squished. You may have mold growing. I got booklice/springtails badly cause the person before me had a leak that ran into the next room or more and didnt get professionals to clean up properly.

    With springtails you have to remove the moisture fromthe source and bleach works. If it's booklice, get a pro to come and treat and then you'll ahve a few weeks of big cleanup.  A few ways to tackle them without throwing everything away (if it's booklice).

    1. Wash it - hand or machine (clothes, bedding)

    2. Microwave it. I have burnt a few books at 40 seconds. but 20 + 20 sec works.

    3. Freezer  - 3-4 days to be safe (stuffed animals, other)


  3. Guest23521651

    Yes these little home and plant invaders are evil spring tails they are really small and move, really fast I saw them on my d**n plants! Well just one d**n Plant! they were in there and so were about every other day a milliped or centipende and a spider from d**n South America. Thankfully the d**n Plant is out side these little bastereds were all over the d**n window seal too I took a d**n wet paper napkin and wiped the buggers off. I got this ts d**n PLANT from d**n WAL-MART the high cost of the low price was the d**n BUGS. I hope mate in my  the bugs get eaten by every possible preditor in the insect kingdom. How dare they mate in my d**n plant in the first place I don't reproduce in their homes on their soil. d**n bugs. I felt like they were crwaling every where on me when i first saw one. I first noticed one on the window seal. Then I put a big Quartz Rock on top of the soil of my plant and guess what those buggers flocked to it like white on rice and then the millipedes and centipedes were all over their butts. That was another problem the centipeds and millipeds i would find them all over the floor sometimes of my room just walking around like this was the bare floor of the forest or something. d**n WAL-MART WITH THEIR d**n INFECTED PLANTS. I thought they were booklice at first because i was think soil, humis, and mold maybe? But then no there was a description of these d**n Bugs and a picture on

    I hate these little things they think they own the place my plant didn't need to be decpomposed; it didn't want to be encompassed by these d**n things and put outside on a hot day in the Georgia summer. Actually though now my room feels a little lighter its not so hevy feeling after the plant was put out as for silver fish i havn't had them if i did they would be put on my S!-List too along with these d**n spring tails whats so springy about them any way. Maybe its that their population booms about every few days and they spred like wild fire or maybe like wild flowers as thats what they seem to like as for the brown things be prepared for the worse if one is there than another thing is there feeding off of them.


     Booklice, Springtails, Wal-mart's bottany section can safely be assured that they all are on my S-LIST! (a vulgar way of saying p**p list)

  4. Guest23265881

    <p>they could be baby silverfish because i found a lot of them under the windows sills with this big silverfish</p>

  5. Guest23265881

    they could be baby silverfish

  6. Guest20387869
    They sound like springtails. go here to learn more. I used lots of straight bleach to dry out the source on my kitchen floor over time. My fridge was dripping and causing rot to the sub floor. Eventually it worked. I probably added bug barrier of some kind towards the end. I just discovered them last night in my window sill of my new place and i can tell the sills are rotted. Raid max worked overnight. i will be keeping an eye on it. i always seem to relate the tiny wood shavings to those or perhaps carpet beetles.
  7. Guest9822811
    I have found these critters in my garden tube in my master. They seem to love it! We have not used the tub since we moved in this past January. I just put water in it when I clean it. I was told to use Home Defense to kill and keep away the spiders and ants we were having, so I tired spraying this in my tub. So far, so good. But it has only been a few days.
  8. Guest9033981
    Janet ..did you ever get rid of those and if so how? i live in Northern NJ also and have the same problem.....

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