Lug nuts of tires.

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The lug nuts on the right hand side wheels are very tight. I have taken my vehicles to have the tires replaced and was told by the mechanic that they were unable to remove them. I have tried a possible mean to open but did not work out. I do not want to damage the nuts also. So I did not allow mechanic to use power tools. But still I am looking for some suggestion from expert that is it safe to use power tools to open this lug nut? Can this damage the wheel? What should I adopt to open this nut? Someone please share your experience here. I would be really thankful for this favor. Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Sorry to hear of your bad day I have seen several of these and that is caused by improper torque instead someone used a impact gun instead of a torque stick. I would suggest using a breaker bar that should help break the tightness but be careful if they are really tight it can break your studs which holds the lug nuts on and that will need replacing. If you get them off without any damage to your studs make sure anyone who is tightening up your lugs is using a lug wrench or a torque wrench. That is all I know in order to open the tight lug nuts. You can try these techniques once. Hope that would help you in this, Best of luck

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