Was Sylvester casted in the Our Gang films?

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About twenty years ago, I met a man who claimed he played the character Sylvester in the Our Gang/Little Rascals films. He was living in Auburn, CA at the time. He gave me his autograph at the time on a blank piece of paper. Who was he? Was there more than one Sylvester over the years?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    As far as I know about Our Gang, there is no such actor with the name of Sylvester. Our Gang was also known as The Little Rascals and it was an American comedy and short films, these short films revolve around a group of poor neighborhood children and the adventures that they had togather. It was created by comedy producer named Hal Roach. Our Gang was produced at the Roach studio which started in the year 1922. Although the cast of program “Our Gang” varies but the actors which were in the beginning of the series were Ernie Morrison, Andy Samuel, Allen Farina Hoskins, Mickey Daniels and Joe Cobb in the year 1923.
    The Sylvester that I know is Sylvester Stallone, whose nick name is Sly Stallone, he is an American actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, film director and occasional painter. Stallone is known for his famous hollywood action roles. There are main two characters that he has portrayed which were Rocky and Rambo, these two characters resulted in strengthening his reputation as an actor and also helped in increasing his box office earnings. There were literally hundreds, if not thousands, of kids who appeared in the series, mainly because of the numerous extras that were needed for classroom scenes and the like. It's possible that he could have done some of that type of work in the series, but he clearly wasn't one of the regular members of the troupe, all of whom have been identified and none of whom were known as Sylvester.

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