Sydney Airport when I Join cruise liner from Darling Harbour Passenger Terminal?

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I am joining a cruise liner from Darling Harbour Passenger Terminal, Wharf 8, Darling Harbour. How can I get Sydney Airport?

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    Purchase a ticket to Wynyard Station at either the Sydney Airport Domestic or International Train Stations. Catch the train to Wynyard Station. The Darling Harbour Passenger Terminal at Wharf 8 is a very short walk from the Wynard Station, towards Darling Harbour. Exit Wynyard Station turning right into York Street, then take the first right into Erskine Street. It is a short downhill walk to Wharf 8 at Darling Harbour. Make sure you check where your cruise ship is travelling from. Remember that some Ships also leave from the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay. If that is the case, catch the train to Circular Quay. The Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal is a very short walk from the Circular Quay Station, towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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