Main Character of the ballet Swan Lake

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I have my question about the famous ballet Swan Lake. I want to know about the main character in the famous ballet. Did it happen to be Odette or Odille? I want to know this as I really want to be like that character as I wish to dance in the same way.

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    Swan Lake is a ballet, composed in the year 1875 to 1876 by a Russian named Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The story is actually about a princess who was converted into a swan by an evil sorcerer's curse. The origins of the ballet Swan Lake are rather hidden and since there are very few records concerning the first production of the work to be known, there can only be assumption about who the author of the original words was. Talking about the main characters, Princess Odette is the lead ballerina role. Von Rothbart's daughter Odile is danced by the same ballerina, which tells us that how Odile is able to trick Prince Siegfried into being unfaithful to Odette. She also appears in many adaptations of the ballet. Odette is an enchanted princess under a spell of the evil sorcerer Von Rothbart; she has been transformed into a swan by day and can only regain her human form at night. She has many companions under the same spell, who have made her their queen, hence her title 'The Swan Queen'. Besides, Siegfried is a young Prince and the lead male ballet dancer role. An interesting fact of his role in the ballet's adaptations is that he has a different name in almost every one, although he retains some or all of his characteristics.

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