Surf rafting Morning Tour in Australia

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I want to go for river rafting in Australia and tend to know about any famous morning tours for surf rafting in the country?

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  1. Australia Guide
    This new and unique ‘Australian adventure activity’ has been developed on the beaches of Coffs Harbour. Surf rafting has you surfing the waves in 12′ self-bailing whitewater rafts with plenty of ‘thrills and spills’. The latest designs in rafts make it relatively easy to paddle out through the surf and then onto the cresting waves for a ride of a lifetime back to the beach. Minimum age to participate is 8 years. You will need to be able to swim and to be confident in Australian surf conditions. You and your guide will paddle the special rafts out through the surf onto the wave and surf back into the beach. This activity takes place on the beaches of Coffs Harbour where each participant wears a lifejacket & helmet.

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