Suicide Attacks in Pakistan

by Edward  |  11 years, 9 month(s) ago

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What are root causes of Suicide Attacks in Pakistan? What Pakistan Government, International Community and People of Pakistan can do to stop this?

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  1. Guest22526072

     Being a nation we are still confused about the actual cause of Suicide Attacks in Pakistan :(

  2. Guest1988808
    talibanization and the religious extremist are the major factors of suicide attacks these elements are may by lead by enemies of pakistan(india and America) i think there is no any power to stop this curse..........
  3. zarnigar
    Data collected by The News from different sources, including the Internet, magazines, newspapers and television reports reveals that suicide bombings started soon after Pakistan joined hands with the US and Nato forces to eliminate terrorism from the region.thus Pakistan siding with USA on terrorism issue has earned him the current bomb shelling.What we can do to stop it is still big question mark since all the negotiations and other security measures have proved to be fruitless till now.

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