Sugar and Brain Chemistry Experiment

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Sugar and Brain Chemistry Experiment. Science Experiment to prove Sugar and Brain Chemistry with examples, video, online tutorials & instructions

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    Sugar is considered to be something tha<span style="color: #000000">t has a lot to do with functioning of a human brain. During the exams, it is advised that students should eat and drink things that have a high sugar content. Similarly, pilots of high speed jet planes (fighter aircraft) have to eat sweets before they go for a routine flight to keep their sugar level in control. This gives rise to the question that how can sugar affect the functioning of a human brain? Investigating this may prove to be a good experiment/project for those who are looking for ideas for a Science project. This is a simple experiment that involves conduction of an I.Q test but as a primary school student, you are advised to conduct it under adult supervision. Remember that it will take at least one day for you to come with final results from the experiment.

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