Tips of shooting art work for an exhibition.

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Hello, I am a beginning artist and have a monotype print that I want to enter into a local exhibition. The entry form asks for a slide or .jpeg. I have access to a digital camera, but i do not know the rules for slide.jpeg presentation. Should the artwork be unframed when I shoot it? Should I use any kind of special lighting. Should the photo be cropped all around to show only the artwork and just have a white backdrop all around? I have never done this before so do not really know much about it. Any guidance will be appreciated.

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    Hello, Since you have a digital camera, I would suggest taking the photo outside in the daylight so that you don't have flash bounce back from the photo. Also I would shoot it with frame....and without frame and submit both. I assume you have a computer with Photoshop or another photo editing system. When you \"save as\" in the file tab, save it as a .jpeg and then transfer the images to a cd for submission [unless the recipient will take them thru an email attachment]. Make sure that you adjust the image size in photo editing as the image will probably be too large to send as an attachment. I hope this would help you in this. You can search for some tips on internet for satisfaction but these would be enough. Good luck,

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