Student Clubs of NIE Singapore

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I am a student in National University of Singapore. I have been given the task of writing an essay on the topic Student Clubs of NIE Singapore. Anyone can inform me regarding.

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    The NTUSU consists of 16 constituent bodies, of which the Trainee Teachers' Club is one. Only student teachers who are members of the NTUSU are eligible for full membership of the Trainee Teachers' Club. Student teachers of NIE Singapore other than those defined under ordinary membership and students from other schools in NTU may apply for affiliate membership subject to the approval of the Management Committee and recommendation of the Advisor of the Club. The main role of the Trainee Teachers' Club is to promote and safeguard the interests and welfare of student teachers in NIE. The Trainee Teachers' Club comprises 13 sub-clubs: ASEAN Club Bachelor of Arts Club Bachelor of Science Club Chinese Language Education and Research (CLEAR) Club Club Jeux DanceFuzion English Language and Literature (ELL) Club Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) Club NIE Green Club NIE Travel Club Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) Club Service Learning Club Tamil Language Club Together with its sub-clubs, the Trainee Teachers' Club organises a range of social, sports, cultural and educational activities for student teachers.

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