Storms, lightning threaten final shuttle launch of NASA

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I am looking for details of the news about the final shuttle launch by NASA. I heard that Storms, lightning threatens the final shuttle launch. What are the details of the news?

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  1. Duke

    Thunderstorms threatened to delay the last space shuttle launch, set for Friday, and a lightning strike near the pad prompted NASA to convene an engineering panel to discuss any possible damage.
    The lightning hit a water tower about 500 feet from the launch pad at midday Thursday, the space agency said. Technicians hurried out to check for any signs of electrical problems. A review board was quickly assembled; officials said early indications were that the shuttle and pad were fine.
    Over the years, lightning has struck on or near the launch pad occasionally, delaying a few launches but causing no damage.
    The forecast for Friday, meantime, looked dismal, with only a 30 possibility of acceptable weather at launch time. NASA check controller Jeff Spaulding pointed out that space shuttles have organized to launch with poorer forecasts. "There's some opening there," he said Thursday as the rainfall set in. "It's an actually strong day if you make a conclusion not to proceed and it turns out to be good weather." Launch time is 11:26 a.m. EDT (1626 GMT).
    NASA is concluding out its 30-year space shuttle program to take objective at asteroids and Mars, destinations highly ranked by the White House. Private businesses will conquer the job of hauling cargo and crews to the International Space Station, setting free NASA up to aim on points beyond.

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