Step by step divorce court process in ontario canada?

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Step by step divorce court process in ontario canada?

Its one of the most crazy thing you will go through; it is much eaiset to get married but when you want to go your separate ways things are not as handy dandy. Here are the steps:

1. Unless you are filing for divorce only, the Family Law Rules require both sides to attend at least one conference with a judge to discuss the issues in dispute and how they can be resolved.
2. The first conference is called a "case conference". Here, the judge and parties discuss ways to resolve the issues in dispute, as well as steps that should be taken for the case to proceed.

3.Following the case conference, one or both parties may bring a motion for a temporary court order (e.g. to deal with custody of children). That temporary order would be in effect until it is changed or a final order is made.
4. A case conference is usually followed by a settlement conference, where the judge and parties attempt to settle the case. At this point, the judge may be able to provide an opinion of how the issues in dispute could be resolved.

5. If the parties still cannot settle the case, a trial may be necessary. A trial management conference would then be held to determine how the trial would proceed.
6. Before each court appearance, both parties must serve (legally deliver) certain documents on the other party and file them with the court. For more information about which documents must be filed at each step, see A Guide to Family Procedures for the court where your case is being heard:
o Ontario Court of Justice
o Superior Court of Justice
o Family Court branch of the Superior Court of Justice

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