Steampunk Titanium Goggles: Strange Indulgence in Unique Eyewear!

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Steampunk Titanium Goggles: Strange Indulgence in Unique Eyewear!

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  1. zarnigar
    It seems that Steampunk design is really making a huge comeback with everything from electronic gadgets to cars and bikes sporting a new metallic look that is tinged with a touch of retro and plenty of punk. But the “Titanium Goggles” take the whole indulgence into cult culture to insanely new levels, not so much with their radical look, but just the fact that plenty of Titanium is involved in them. It is one thing to spend loads of cash on collector’s eyewear that really makes you the eye candy at any party, but to invest in these goggles seems a bit strange. These Brass-Titanium Goggles designed by Mike Brown are made from titanium and coated with Titanium Nitride. There are even brass eyelets in the leather eyecups to stop the lenses steaming up. The sliders in each eyepiece close the leaf-apertures inside, which will cut out light and also sharpen your eyesight, just like a pinhole camera. The lenses are automated and hence you need not worry about that adjustment. The leather belt and the whole look makes you feel that these are from a pilot in World War I. Considering the price of Platinum and the melting economy, this is really one odd way to go about throwing your cash. By Mike’s own admission, “he will not be doing any purchasing soon”.

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