What equipments are needed to start a ballet?

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A friend of mine is fond of doing dances. Now she wants to start ballet. She was asking about it yesterday. I want to know, what things are needed to start a ballet?

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  1. Marie

     To start a ballet, Tights, tea shirts, a dance belt and shoes are required for males and tights, leotard and shoes are required for females. Tights and T shirts are the traditional wear for ballet classes. But now a day no one bothers a lot for special wearing in many ballet schools. Use ordinary ballet shoes. To hold the shoe on, there is a narrow lace that runs around the entire top of the shoe but this is not enough for many dancers’ feet so shoes normally come with a pair of elastic bands which are helpful to keep the shoe on. For the convenience some dancers attach the elastic in a single loop. Some of them make two loops of elastic which cross over the foot depending upon their convenience in ballet dancing.

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