Starting a business with no money

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Starting a business with no money is a question i get asked all the time. some people will ask me to help them start a business with no money and others would just want tips on how they can do it.

There are some business you can start with no money in terms of cash but you still have to count the time spent. if you were to calculate the time spent even at the minimum wage rate, you would soon find out, there is no such a thing as starting a business with no money.

Yes you can start a business with little or no upfront money but that's a different case. i will list some businesses that can be started at a later date but for now i will leave the floor open to the rest of you to share your thoughts on "what is the best business to start with very little money"?

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  1. Kyle Stone
    There is no business in this world which could be started with no money.You should have to have money upfront,more or less,depending on the nature of business you are going to set up.But first of all you should have a team of honest,committed and dedicated people with determination and with one goal.And you should be very careful about choosing nature of business....that should be something,you have got experience of,to lead the people of your time.

  2. Guest12597
    I agree you can Start a business with no money but you still need to put together time. Best way to do so is to join hands with couple of other people who are willing and ready to start a venture. This way you have more time resources to accomplish your goals plus every person comes with their own network of contacts. Also these days you can start internet business with few hundred dollars. Whatever the venture, the main goal should be cash flow positive asap.
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