Starter removal Mercruiser Alpha One

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Starter removal Mercruiser Alpha One

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  1. Arslan Masaud
    hello, First you need to start at the battery with a voltmeter and check the voltage. Follow the large positive lead from the battery to the starter solenoid. Check for voltage going in and coming out the other large terminal when you try to crank the motor. If you don't have voltage the solenoid may be bad. There is another solenoid on the starter in most cases. Do the voltage test there as well. If the voltage is OK all the way through try turning the motor over with the key. Listen back at the engine to the starter motor. If you hear a solid clunk then the starter is trying to engage. If nothing the starter is bad. Take out all of the spark plugs and turn the engine over a few inches with a socket on the crankshaft pulley on the front bottom of the engine. You are checking to ensure the motor is "free" and not frozen. The starter removal can be a pain depending on the boat, but is basically a nut and bolt removal. If you replace the starter it MUST be an approved marine starter and solenoid, not an automotive part. hope it helps

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