Staci Cole?

by Guest4753  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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who is this staci cole have you heard of her
i see pictures of her everywhere and fake profiles
but never her what does she do and where is the real one.

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  1. Guest22758919

    She is my friends ex girlfriend. She has fake ta tas. She takes alot of web cam pictures.

  2. Guest22605022

    I saw a faker online and had no idea until I showed someone her pictures and they told me about her and her online popularity. I think she is absolutely stunning and do admit i was curious about her life. Even though i dont know her, reading this info was surprisingly pleasant. Glad to know she is doing good :-)

    Also, if I had the money, I see no problem with enhancing your looks!

  3. Guest19694716
    She's a very beautiful girl from my home town of Fort Lauderdale FL, her equally gorgeous mother married Staci's step father who was/is VERY wealthy (I am talking private planes, designer purses for Staci and a huge home) and Staci's mom and her step dad gave birth to Staci step brother. Staci gained internet populaity from social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook due to her beauty and rubbing elbows with wealthy and famous individuals from being able to afford to be seen with those types of people some are people like Chistine Dolce (aka FOrBidden) and Jenna Jameson just to name two. Staci would party and take pictures with other gorgeous people and many people wanted to be her! Staci was human though and although she went through several boyfriends (shown publically online) Including Jeremy (another wealthy and well known person online) she got pregnant a few years ago (with her bf keith who is now her husband) and had a son then moved to Philly (her bf hometown) to start a new life there. She is doing well, still gorgeous but no longer living the same life she had been when people were stealing all her pics and posing as her.. people STILL do this and it really bothers me as I am also faked on social networking sites and just dont understand why people would waste their time. It's true she's appealing b/c she is blonde with perfect lips, teeth, body, etc but she had the $$ to do anything she wanted and she did so. There is speculation that she had two boob jobs, veneers, a nose job and her lips done but I dont see any of those things being that big of a deal, she was pretty to begin with-nothing wrong with improving herself.
  4. Guest19259602
    There is no recent news from her. Where is she?
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