Speed rating for 7.50R16

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Need help on speed rating as, I cannot find a speed rating for this tire. Can you either get that information for me or tell me where I can find it? Help me to have an idea about the speed. Please share some useful information about the speed rating for 7.50R16. I have searched a lot but failed to get some reliable information on this.

I hope you can understand me and will provide me some reliable information.

Thank you

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  1. John


    First speed rating is independent of tire size. Any tire, regardless of size can have a speed rating from Z all the way down to A1 (Yes, it goes that low) - OR - it might not be rated, as there are different brands which are not rated.

    In all likelihood tires available in this size are not speed rated. This is a very old sizing method and speed rating is more of a modern sort of thing. What this means is that the tire is capable of legal speeds - but beyond that, it is uncertain.

    I would recommend you switch to a modern size - if this is going on a pickup truck, an LT235-85R16. Just make sure there is enough load carrying capacity, the rim is wide enough, and there is enough clearance. I guess your query is solved now, still have any confusion in your mind than do consult me here. Believe it or not there are different brands for which you have to know the speed on your own.


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