Specific introduction of a diesel generator

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How exactly does a diesel generator work? It comes to the type of ignition. Petrol engines operate on spark ignition while diesel engines employ compression ignition for igniting the fuel. In a diesel engine, this means air is drawn into the engine where high compression heats it. This results in a much higher temperature in the diesel engine than that in a petrol engine. Another major difference between diesel engines and petrol engines is that in a diesel engine, air and fuel are infused into the engine at different stages. In a petrol engine, on the other hand, air and gas are sent to the engine together and then compressed. There are different types of diesel engines. You can choose from either a two cycle or four cycle, and air-cooled or liquid-cooled.

The Advantages of Diesel Generator

As for prices, Diesel fuel might be moderately higher than petrol, but it contains more energy than the same volume of petrol. This means that you get more bang for your buck. When it comes to fuel consumption, Diesel Generators burn less fuel than a Petrol Generator does. This means fuel cost per KiloWatt of power produced can be a massive 30 to 50% lower than that of petrol engines. This advantage can be offset somewhat depending upon what the current price of diesel is, but you can expect a diesel generator uses less money for a long time. And then, When compared other Generators, Diesel Generator has many outstanding features and advantages, especially, it is quiet when working. Due to its quiet working condition, we don't have to bear the noise at night and in the day. Of course, it brings us a lot of conveniences in our daily life. At last, It also means lower maintenance costs, as there are no spark plugs or spark wires to worry about.

Where to use a Diesel Generator

Diesel Powered Generators are put to work in the most rugged Industrial and Commercial applications. While they can be used for small loads, such as camping and 4WD touring, they are particularly suited to larger loads found in construction and Mining sites. Like petrol generators, they are available in various specifications and sizes, and can be customised for specific applications.

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