Species of Industrial Cooling Machine in Domestic Market

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Species of Industrial Cooling Machine in Domestic Market

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     The cooling machine can be cooling the air over the materials after all in the kiln, as a secondary circulating air, improves the thermal efficiency of furnace, at the same time it has simple structure, high rates of operation, operation and maintenance is very convenient, is suitable for the small cement plant to use. So the rotary drum cooler will be more and more popular in market, but do you know how many kinds of rotary drum cooler in domestic market?

    Industrial cooling machine categories: single cylinder cooling machine, double cylinder cooling machine, grate cooler, clinker cooling machine, etc.

    Single cylinder cooling machine is one of the important equipment in a rotary kiln system, is the role of the equipment from the rotary kiln clinker cooling (1000-1300 ℃) to below 200 ℃, and at the same time improve the quality of clinker and grinding. Clinker rotary drum cooler is an important corollary equipment of the cement rotary kiln. There is no corresponding efficient cooling machine, there is no efficient rotary kiln.


    Grate rotary drum cooler is to use certain pressure air in perpendicular direction of gas movement on the bed of the clinker together cooling equipment of cold. Lime cooling machine: vertical type cooling machine is one of the hosts of active lime. Generated after calcining rotary kiln of active lime in order into with refractory vertical cooling machine, the cross section of the cooler for the square, in which uniform distribution center as cold cap and cold chamber cap, cap has a pipe connected to external fan, at the bottom of the cooler is equipped with the discharging mouth, each a motor vibration under the discharging mouth discharger. Material accumulation within the cooler cover on the hood, and form a certain material layer thickness, cooling by external fan blowing wind, through the wind chamber into the cap. From hood appear after contact with high temperature materials, heat exchange, after air cooling material, in cooling machine vibration under the action of discharger gradually eliminate the cooler, the material heated air, directly from the kiln head cover to rotary kiln, as a secondary air in the combustion.

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