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I was recently named President of a local chapter of an International Association for Information and Imaging Management.  I will need to run monthly meetings with attendance at approximately 100 for lunch and speaker meetings.  My role is to do a brief 5 minute speech about relevant association information, introduce guest speaker and close out the meeting.  Any advice on how to prepare, calm the nerves, etc.

I would truly appreciate it.

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  1. Business Analyst

     The fear of public speaking is known as communication apprehension or Speaker Phobia. It's often noted that many people fear speaking in public. Although public speaking can cause anxiety, but there are numerous ways for you to combat your fear and actually learn to enjoy it.
    One way to combat fear of public speaking is to evaluate yourself.
    Pretend no one is there.
    Think as if you are just practicing in front of a mirror.
    Keep in mind that audience members will generally not be aware of any mistakes you make.
    Being prepared for a speaking engagement is another way that speakers can help avoid Speaker Phobia.
    If you think you're not good at giving speeches, this belief will make you nervous, so try to remain calm and positive while delivering speeches.
    Record yourself on a tape to know how you sound.

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