Need to replace the Spare tire.

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I bought my Camry new 11 years ago. I have replaces the tires a couple of times but I have never needed or changed the original spare tire. Can a spare tire wear out by just sitting in the trunk of my car? Have you ever experienced that? Do I need to replace the spare tire? Can someone here give me a best suggestion over this? The tire seems to be all perfect but I have never used this tire in entire 11 years. I am really looking for some expert opinion on this. I would really appreciate the favor. Thanks for the time.

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  1. Automobile Guru

    Hey there, Of course it does not "wear out", but just like the rest of the tires, the spare's performance will degrade with time.
    My current recommendation is that tires that are 10 years old (from the date of manufacture) should be taken out of service. If you live in CA, AZ, NV, NM, TX, and FL, the limit is 6 years, with states further north being proportionally in between. For example TN would be 8 years.
    The spare can be kept a bit longer with the idea that it is properly inflated all the time (no one wants a flat spare when you need it!) and that when it is used it is used sparingly (BAD joke!), meaning the situation has to be taken care of ASAP and the miles driven pretty short. This is all I can have in my knowledge. Hope this would help you.


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